The GAMotion boarding game is a Medical Device of class I.


It is designed to improve physical activity levels of older people, both within and outside of residential care. It can be an important intervention in any program targeting fall prevention and loss of autonomy with its playful approach and its strong social component. The proposed exercises can be modified to suit the participants’ needs and physical capacity with three different levels of intensity.


The mat, measuring 3.2 m x 1.4 m, is made up of two complementary sections: The first section is made up of 12 squares, each of them representing an exercise to be carried out as indicated by the central image. There are three categories of exercises, corresponding to the three components of physical activity, namely balance, strength and endurance. The second section is made up of 7 squares and is the walking path. It is used to perform the walking exercises shown on the red squares. The different distances to be walked, depending on the level of intensity the participant has chosen, are indicated by the letters A, B, and C.


The exercises have been designed by experts in motor sciences and physiotherapy to be perfectly adapted to the needs of older people.


Two scientific publications support the use of a giant play mat to improve physical activity and quality of life of older people.

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